When we start in the world of vaping , we face different doubts along our way. That is why today we bring you this post, in which we explain when we should change the resistance of our vape.

The resistance or coil is in charge of heating the liquid, and in this way the liquid evaporates. The resistance heats up thanks to the battery that manages to raise its temperature.

Once we are aware of the work of the resistance in the vape , we will go into the details of when we should change it. Mainly, we will tell you that the useful life of the resistance depends on many factors, such as: the power you use, the use you give to your vape, the type of liquid, among others. Even so, the average time is between 1 to 3 weeks.

If you feel any of the following factors, it is time to change your resistance:

  • You feel a burnt taste: It is undoubtedly the most common symptom and for which it is clearer that you should change the resistance. If you notice a burnt taste when vaping and not the taste of your liquid, it is time to change your resistance.
  • You do not produce as much steam as before: It is not something serious, but another of the problems for which you should consider the change of resistance is that you no longer produce as much steam as at the beginning. If this is so, you know that soon you will have to replace the resistor with another. It is normal that after a while it stops producing the same vapor as when you released it.

  • The color of the liquid turns dark: Another indicator is when you perceive that the color of your liquid turns dark very quickly. This is because the resistance is already burnt and releases the dirt into the liquid. Although it can continue to function normally and it is not a serious problem, you will know that you will soon have to change it.


In order to extend the life of your resistance , you can apply the following tips. However, remember that the resistance must be changed from time to time.

  • Keep the tank of your device always full. You must be attentive to the level of liquid in the tank, so that the resistance does not burn. If it's too low, you'll end up burning yourself.
  • Lower the power. The more power the vape mod has, the less resistance will last. It is true that the more power, the more flavor, but it is not always necessary that it be at its maximum.
  • Wet the resistance with the liquid that you are going to use. When you are going to use the resistance for the first time, slightly wet the cotton part. Just wet it lightly, don't soak it. This cheat will make the stamina last a bit longer.

We hope this article is very helpful. Don't forget to stop by our store and see all the vaping items we have for you.

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