Next, we will list the components of a vape , keep in mind that not all vapers are the same, therefore their components vary depending on the type.

Atomizer: It is the part of the vaporizer that contains and vaporizes the vaping liquid. The liquid from the tank passes into the resistance, where it becomes a vapor to be inhaled. There are two types:

  • Clearomizer: This could be said to be the simplest type of atomizer, ideal if you are starting to enjoy the world of vaping.
  • Repairable Atomizers: This type of atomizer, as its name indicates, is repairable, which means that you can change the resistance yourself, thus giving you better power. It is perfect when you have a little more experience. Within the repairable atomizers we find 4 subtypes: RDA, RTA, RDTA and GTA.

Mod: It is the part of the vaporizer where the battery is inserted and where we control the device to make it work. We can control the on, off, lock, power, etc. The functions depend on the type of Mod .

External / Internal Batteries: They differ in that some can be removed from the vaporizer and the others cannot. The external one gives you more load capacity, they load faster and give you more power. The duration and power of an internal battery depends exclusively on the type of vaporizer that is used. In general, vaporizers use an internal battery, the only ones that use external batteries are high-end or mechanical vaporizers.

Resistances: The resistances are the ones that transform liquids into vapor and these, as you vape and use the vaporizer , they wear out. The duration of the resistance depends a lot on the care you give it and the type of resistances you have, but in most cases if you take good care of them and do not give them extremely excessive use will last you between 1 to 3 months and up to 5 months if you use your vaporizer socially or with low intensity. There are 2 types: Commercial and Artisanal.

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