In today's article, we will teach you what are the types of vaping mods . They are classified into 4 types and range from the most basic to the most advanced, we show you what their basic characteristics are, as well as some of the best options on the market.


Electronic mods are those that come equipped with a temperature regulator, battery and power. These allow you to adjust the intensity of the steam or the temperature to your liking. They are recommended for beginners and expert vapers , since, in addition to being easy to use, they have a great capacity for customization to give you the best vaping experience.


Unlike electronic mods, mechanical mods have a simpler structure in which the battery compartment and a switch to activate it stand out. Despite its simple appearance, this type of cigarette is recommended for experienced vapers. Since, to use them properly, it is necessary to know what are the combinations of battery and resistance that can be used in each device.


These mods can be mechanical or electronic, and they differ by having a small bottle in which the vaping liquid is placed, which passes into the tank and wets the cotton pads when pressed. These types of devices allow you to keep the cotton pads always wet, which avoids having to constantly recharge the mod.


This type of device combines features of electronic and mechanical mods. They are perfect for vapers looking to get started with mechanical mods. In this way, the transition will be less radical and you will be able to quickly master a more complex mod.

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