The batteries we use in our vaporizers are not the same ones we use at home. Vaping batteries are more powerful, which is why they need certain care, in addition to being handled with caution. Here are some tips on basic battery care, however, keep in mind that this is a general list of battery precautions, not a specialized guide to Mechanical Mods. This is mainly aimed at people who are starting with the use of Electronic Mods.

  • Keep the battery case intact: You must always make sure that the plastic that covers the batteries is in perfect condition. If we notice that this coating has a defect or imperfection, it is best to change that wrapper. If while changing the battery case we see that it has bumps, is deteriorated or the plate on the top is sunken, it is best to recycle that battery now to avoid possible problems.
  • Use the right batteries: There are batteries that are designed more for low power vaping, while others are better for sub-ohm vaping . When choosing batteries for your Mod, don't just look at the specifications of the batteries and the Mod. Do some research online for battery reviews or ask the experts at your vape shop . They will be able to advise you on which are the most recommended batteries for your device.
  • Use cases to store batteries: You should never carry batteries loose in your pockets, purse or backpack, as they can short-circuit if they come into contact with metal objects, which can lead to discharge or even a possible explosion. . If you are going to take spare batteries with you, it is best to get a plastic or silicone cover or case to protect them from any eventuality, in addition to blows or other types of accidents.
  • Buy original batteries: Batteries, like many other things, also suffer from the problem of counterfeits, with the best-known brands (Sony, Samsung, Efest...) being the ones that most commonly copy. Always buy batteries from reputable outlets that you know only sell 100% authentic and licensed items.
  • Use a specialized charger: Charging the batteries directly in the Mods today is possible in practically all devices. However, it is always preferable to use a specialized external battery charger.

  • Do not leave batteries charging unattended: Even if you are using an external charger, batteries should not be left charging carelessly and unattended. Although it is very rare, any electronic device is susceptible to a failure, even if it is not usual and despite all the security systems they include. So it is best to always take a look at the battery charge.
  • Do not discharge the batteries below the limits: As far as possible, it is best that the batteries do not go below their limits. In general, lithium ion batteries tend to lose capacity the further they are discharged. Most electronic Mods come with battery indicators so you can tell when to charge them for maximum battery life.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Batteries usually withstand high and low temperatures well, but it is best not to test their limits. Very high temperatures can harm batteries, causing them to reduce their useful life or even ventilate. Conversely, very cold temperatures influence the capacity of batteries. You should make sure to store them in a cool place, away from sunlight and never leave them in places where temperatures can be very extreme in summer or winter.
  • Use batteries in pairs: If you are using a Mod that has more than one battery, you must remember to always use the same type of batteries (with the same brand, range and characteristics, in addition to the same usage time) and always keep them paired. This will ensure that the batteries will have the same number of charges and discharges and will prevent them from going out of balance, avoiding capacity or performance issues.

  • Replace old batteries: Batteries only work for a certain number of cycles (full charges and discharges). Lithium ion batteries will begin to lose their capacity and strength when they have been used intensively for a long period of time.
  • Recycle batteries: When it comes time to replace batteries, you must always remember to recycle them. As we have already said, lithium-ion batteries can short-circuit in contact with metal objects, so it can be a possible problem to throw them away. In addition, the recycling of batteries is very important for the care of the environment.

These are some of the tips that we believe would be very useful for you who are starting out in this world.

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