In today's article we bring you the types of vapers that exist to this day, we will see what there is for all tastes and needs.
  • Mods:

The mods include the most sophisticated system on the market. They present different functions and modalities, are more voluminous and professional. The mod system guarantees you the greatest amount of vapor and a longer duration. Mods generate as much charge as vapor production. Without a doubt, they are infallible and allow you to enjoy vaping as you prefer. They are the best sellers and those that present a greater resistance to continued use.

  • Pod:

The pods are an ideal alternative to be able to vape anywhere. They are compact and lightweight and include a small battery. A pod kit will always have less power than other options and occupies an intermediate place in the scale of devices most recommended by vapers. Even so, it is advisable to keep it on hand and take puffs throughout the day. The experience is quite satisfying and helps reduce your urge to smoke.

  • Pen:

The vape pen takes the shape of a pencil, a little thicker, which includes everything you need to vape. It is ideal for beginners. Small in size, they include larger batteries and are more durable than the disposable option. It is a type of electronic cigarette with an internal battery that has as much vapor charge as any other device. In addition, you can always carry it in your pocket, take a puff and put it back comfortably.

  • PodMod:

Pod Mods have managed to unite the best of both types of devices. They remain compact and ergonomic, perfect for taking with us. They usually have a greater autonomy than the pods, which assures us that they will endure, for any normal vaper, their use throughout a whole day. And they have also added characteristics of the Mods.

  • Disposable Pods

The disposable pods come from the factory with the eliquid pre-filled and the duration of the puffs is included in its description sheet. Regarding the inhalations and the number of puffs, they are a type of electronic cigarette with a high vapor production. When the cartridge included is finished, you just have to recycle it.

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