In a world of much ignorance, it is better to adopt good practices that help us raise the name of vaping , especially for those who are looking to change habits, keep the following in mind if you want to join:
  • Do not use your devices in places where it is prohibited.
  • Do not vape in public institutions, hospital and educational centers, on public transport, or in places of children's recreation.

  • Respect the people who are around you. We know that the figure of the passive vaper does not exist, however, there are places that have rules, if in these places there are people who do not agree with the vapor we cannot force them. Each place and each establishment has its rules and we must comply with them.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards the detractors of vaping or about those who do not know the true origin of vaping.

  • Do not promote vaping in minors or non-smokers.
  • Follow the indications for the proper use and handling of the devices, especially with mechanical mods.
  • Keep your batteries in perfect condition and use approved chargers. Remember to always give them a good handle.
  • Keep your liquids and devices out of the reach of children and pets.
  • We help the planet, collecting the bottles of liquid that are finished or that we no longer use, as well as the batteries and mods and then taking them to the recycling center.
Let's improve the image that many people have about vaping. Following these small tips we can contribute.
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